Travel tiredness

Irina and kids heading home

Over the course of the last couple of weeks the itinerary changed dramatically. Before the start of the journey Irina and Lothar agreed that if anyone would become tired of traveling we would attempt to change the flights from Bogota to an earlier date. With the help of Lothar’s brother Kurt based in Germany we learned that we could change the flights for free (!!!) to an early date. Thanks to Kurt and United (responsible re-scheduling airline although the flight was with Avianca and performed by Lufthansa 😉 ) Irina and the kids could fly on May 9 2019 from Bogota to Germany.

We discussed lengthy what the best solution would look like but given the prospect that both grandparents are there to help and the fact that Lothar gave up his job mainly to fulfill his dream of an entire South America journey Irina and Lothar decided in mutual agreement . We’re both happy for this honest and open-minded relationship and Lothar is thankful that he can continue the journey.

On May 8th Lothar brought Irina, Leonard and Maja to the International Bus Terminal in Arica, Chile. From there it was an hour bus ride to the airport of Tacna in Southern Peru where a flight to Bogota via Lima was waiting for them (430 Euros in total). Lothar would have loved to bring them to Tacna, however we just found out that the permiso de circulacion for Oscar was expired. It would have been too much of a risk to cross borders without it since police could confiscate the car anytime.


It was a lake of tears for the three of us (Maja did not really understand what was going on) for minutes and in fact while typing this Lothar has again tears in his eyes (sorry for the sentimentality). By the time of publishing this article Irina and the kiddies got home safe. They had a smooth journey though with headache of paying an airport departure from Bogota of 39 USD per person!

For Lothar the name of the game is now selling the car as soon as possible. Since he’s still in Chile he can legally sell the car in Arica which is a great opportunity plus for a single person traveling by car is less affordable and socializing than by public transport. Lothar’s selling adventure attempts will be covered in the next post.

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