We arrived super late around 22 o’clock in Sucre due to road blockage of two hours on the route from Vallegrande. However, the landscape compensated quite for this. Luckily our AirBnB host ($55 per night for a five bed apartment) was patient enough to still meet us at that hour of the day. Also we got lucky that a pizzeria at the Plaza 25 de Mayo still was open which secured our dinner 🙂

Sucre is truly a beautiful city: White-washed houses, unaccountably many churches, relaxed parks and colonial buildings dominate the city center and resemble a lot of city’s history and traditions. We started the day with a pleasant walk to Parque Simon Boliviar where due to Easter Sunday a lot of kids attraction were set up. In the middle of the park stands a red iron tower – we joked that it’s the Bolivian version of the Tour Eiffel 😉

Then we passed by the impressive Supreme Court which was closed due to Easter. A couple of blocks later we arrived at the Central Plaza, the Plaza 25 de Mayo, where a lot of colonial buildings such as La Prefectura, the State Parliament and the townhall can be found. Again here due to Easter Sunday everything was closed and could be just looked at from outside.


The next day we drove around in Oscar since all the places we visited were spread around the city. We started off with the Plaza Pedro de Anzurez which provided us with magnificent views of Sucre. The adjacent monastery Recoleta was unfortunately closed – as all other churches throughout town.

Next we headed to two markets: Mercado Negro and Mercado Campesino. On the first one we got Maja a winter jacket for the cold in Potosi and Salar Uyuni which we will be visiting next on our journey. On the second one a lot of different things are sold: From silver ware and pots, over clothes and shoes up to vegetables and food stalls everything can be found here. The prices are really affordable here: A kilo of bananas or tomatoes goes for 5BOB! Of course, also coca leaves could be purchased here 🙂 But the craziest thing were the voodoo-like dead animals hanging at a couple of food stalls. The ladies selling this scary stuff referred to some kind of religion/ceremony when asked about it.

The last stop of the day was the Central cemetery where big family mausoleums of Sucre’s families can been observed. It was also the first time that we saw the practice of blind persons praying for someone. The blinds were waiting on the cemetery’s benches and could be approached and asked say a prayer for a small donation.


Overall, Sucre is a beautiful city and one can easily spend two days here.

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