Las Grutas and Reta

Again it was a long drive once we left Mendoza. 1600Km to reach Puerto Madryn. However, we changed plans in the middle of the route (isn’t that the beauty of this kind of travels? 🙂 ) and decided to skip the Peninsula Valdes as we had already seen Magellan penguins, sea lions and guanacos in Chile (also it was the end of the whale season). At least, we found a nice dinosaur museum an hour before the first overnight destination 🙂

20181219_175147Well, the hour had its price: Minutes before our first overnight stop, Santa Rosa, in the province of La Pampa, the sky suddenly turned deep gray and heavy winds started to blow. Further, tornado-like cones started to build which looked scary and brought even stronger winds. And then out of the blue the temperature started to drop from 32 C to 12 C (!) and it began to hail. This combination made us immediately stop since we could not see anything anymore. The hail (marble size) kept drumming against Oscar’s windows and we were hoping that they would make it. At one point we tried to escape the hail but since big branches also began to fly through the air (a smaller one hit Oscar on the hood – just another tattoo 😉 ) we immediately stopped again. After 15 min the drama was over and we could see the sky and a rainbow 🙂 That was the heaviest hail storm all the four of us been through and the kids were actually the calmest ones 🙂

After this experience we did not feel like going out for dinner anymore and also left early the next morning to reach the Atlantic beach town of Las Grutas, the second day.‘

For the next two days we became lazy beach bums and enjoyed it a lot. Our AirBnB apartment was just a couple of 100 meters away 🙂 The tides were very strong and the water escaped within three hours over 200m (!) which formed some small pools where the kids had a lot of fun.

The beach is famous for its rocky formations which are inhabited by different kind of parrots. The water temperature was very decent at 20C with the outside temperature at 30C. A stroll through the nice pedestrian precinct with Christmas decorated shops and restaurants completed our day.


For Christmas we were heading to a small beach village on the Argentinian coast called Reta. We stocked up with food, cash and gasoline in Bahia Blanca since apart from some . Ideal to spend a couple of festive days 🙂


As opposed to Las Grutas the beach of Reta is much quieter and there are hardly any people there. On the first night we caught a beautiful sunset which we dedicate to our family and friends: We wish everyone a joyful, relaxed and merry Christmas 🙂


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